What is the smallest suburb in Melbourne?

At just 26 hectares, Gardenvale is Melbourne’s smallest suburb. Squished between Brighton and Caulfield South, and coming in at No.

What is the smallest suburb in Australia?

Wareemba sits on the eastern shore of Hen and Chicken Bay, on the Parramatta River. It is the smallest suburb in Sydney by land area.

Wareemba, New South Wales.

Wareemba Sydney, New South Wales
Population 1,546 (2016 census)
• Density 5,200/km2 (13,300/sq mi)
Postcode(s) 2046
Area 0.3 km2 (0.1 sq mi)

What is the largest suburb in Melbourne?

If you take a strict definition of ‘Greater Melbourne’, as defined by the ABS in its Greater Capital City Statistical Areas, then Wesburn comes out as the largest suburb with an area of 26,640 ha (266.40 km2).

What is the richest suburb in Melbourne?

The richest suburbs in Melbourne

  • 3142 (Hawksburn, Toorak) Average income: $196,816. Population: 10,219. Median property price: $4.3 million. The average income of residents in the 3142 postcode is among Australia’s highest at $196,816. …
  • 3002 (East Melbourne) Average income: $185,437. Population: 3,709. Median property price: undisclosed.
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What are the suburbs of Melbourne?

City of Melbourne

  • Carlton 3053. Carlton South.
  • Carlton North 3054 (Shared with City of Yarra)
  • Docklands 3008.
  • East Melbourne 3002. …
  • Flemington 3031 (Shared with City of Moonee Valley)
  • Kensington 3031.
  • Melbourne 3000 (Central business district)
  • Melbourne 3004 (St Kilda Road area, shared with City of Port Phillip)

What is the safest suburb in Melbourne?

What are the safest suburbs in Melbourne?

  • The Patch: 1.03 incidents per 100 residents.
  • Park Orchards: 1.33 incidents per 100 residents.
  • Ferny Creek: 1.38 incidents per 100 residents.
  • Selby: 1.47 incidents per 100 residents.
  • Kallista: 1.53 incidents per 100 residents.
  • Warrandyte: 1.74 incidents per 100 residents.

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Is Melbourne a small city?

It is small and most if the population lives in the suburbs, like most North American cities. The difference is that having the title of the ‘most liveable city’ you would expect the whole of Melbourne to be interesting.

What is the fastest growing suburb in Melbourne?

Coast and country suburbs Tyabb, Somers, Rye and Tootgarook dominated Greater Melbourne’s top performing price growth suburbs since 2000. Realestate.com.au data shows Tyabb topped the list, with the suburb’s median house price shooting up 682 per cent over two decades, from $121,500 to $950,000.

Where is the best place to live in Melbourne?

These are Melbourne’s best lifestyle suburbs:

  1. St Kilda West. …
  2. Albert Park. …
  3. Port Melbourne. …
  4. Seaholme. …
  5. St Kilda. …
  6. Spotswood. …
  7. Williamstown. …
  8. South Melbourne.

Is London bigger than Melbourne?

Melbourne, Australia’s largest urban area geographically with a population just over four million, occupies the 32nd largest area in the world at 2,453 square kilometres, making it larger than London, home to 10.4 million people, and Mexico City, with 20.4 million residents.

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What are the nicest suburbs in Melbourne?

The Best Suburbs to Live in Melbourne in 2020

  • South Yarra.
  • St Kilda.
  • Carlton.
  • Brunswick.
  • Footscray.
  • Fitzroy.
  • Richmond.
  • South Melbourne.

What is the cheapest suburb in Melbourne?

The data showed that suburbs in Melbourne’s west and north offer buyers the biggest bang for their buck. In the western suburbs, leafy Maidstone, with a median house price of $723,500, offers buyers the most affordable option within 10 kilometres of the CBD.

Is it safe to walk in Melbourne at night?

Visitors should be cautious when walking around the city and avoid the rougher parts of town. While the city is generally safe, there are a few areas where things are more dangerous, particularly at night.

What are the bad suburbs of Melbourne?

Aggravated burglaries reached a 10-year high in suburbs including Malvern East and Glen Iris in the city’s inner-east, Brighton and Bentleigh in the south-east, as well as Southbank and Fitzroy North.

What are the best suburbs in Melbourne for families?

The Best Family Suburbs in Melbourne

  • Doncaster East. Doncaster East is a corner of Melbourne’s north-east known for its safe, leafy streets, making it the perfect location for families. …
  • Coburg. While Coburg is considered inner-city (just 10 kilometres from the CBD), the suburb has a village-like feel. …
  • Altona. …
  • Roxburgh Park. …
  • Macleod. …
  • Kingsville. …
  • Kew.

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Where should I live in Melbourne?

Where to Live in Melbourne

  • Carlton/Fitzroy. These central suburbs are Melbourne at its busy, vibrant best. …
  • Coburg North. Coburg North appeals to professionals and families due to its safe, green reputation and proximity to the city centre. …
  • Bentleigh. …
  • Brunswick. …
  • Essendon. …
  • Richmond. …
  • Eltham. …
  • Hawthorn.
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