Quick Answer: Where Is The Biggest Octopus In The World?

Giant Pacific Octopus – World’s Largest Octopus.

The giant Pacific octopus is probably the world’s largest octopus.

One individual specimen was recorded weighing 157 pounds (71 kg) and claims have been made of up to 600 pounds (272 kg).

The arm span of the octopus is between 14 and 30 feet (4.3 – 9).

Where does the world’s largest octopus live?

According to the WSDOT Narrows Bridge Weird Facts web page, one of the world’s largest octopus species makes its home in Puget Sound – the Giant Pacific Octopus, which can weigh over 600 pounds. Local legend will tell you that the largest Pacific Octopus in the world lives under the Narrows Bridge.

Are giant octopus real?

They are not to be confused with the known giant Pacific octopus, which is a member of the genus Enteroctopus, and can grow to a total length of more than 6 m (20 ft). The gigantic octopus is assumed to be much larger.

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How large can an octopus grow?

The giant Pacific octopus grows bigger and lives longer than any other octopus species. The size record is held by a specimen that was 30 feet across and weighed more than 600 pounds. Averages are more like 16 feet and 110 lbs.

Where does the giant Pacific octopus live?

Giant Pacific octopus spend most of their lives alone. They live in chilly (60 degrees Fahrenheit or colder) Pacific waters from Korea and Japan north to Alaska and south to Southern California. They live in fairly shallow, coastal waters down to depths of 330 feet or more.

Can octopus kill humans?

All octopuses have venom, but few are fatally dangerous. The greater blue-ringed octopus, however, is considered to be one of the most venomous animals known; the venom of one is enough to kill ten grown men. It uses the neurotoxin tetrodotoxin, which quickly causes respiratory arrest.

How big is the Kraken?

Authors over the years have postulated that the legend may have originated from sightings of giant squids that may grow to 13–15 meters (40–50 feet) in length. The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the kraken have made it a common ocean-dwelling monster in various fictional works.

How long can an octopus live?

Giant Pacific octopus: 3 – 5 years

How many hearts does an octopus have?

three hearts

How fast can a giant Pacific octopus swim?

Water is pulled into the mantle and over gills or lamellae for oxygen uptake, and can be ejected forcefully through the siphon for jet propulsion. They are able to reach speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph) for short sprints. They tend to use their arms as legs, and slowly crawl along the bottom.

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What is the size of octopus?

Giant Pacific octopus: 15 kg

Enteroctopus megalocyathus: 4 kg

How large is a giant octopus?

Giant Pacific octopus: 15 kg

Enteroctopus megalocyathus: 4 kg

What is an octopus with 7 legs called?

The seven-arm octopus is so named because in males, the hectocotylus (a specially modified arm used in egg fertilization) is coiled in a sac beneath the right eye. However, like other octopuses, it actually has eight.

How long does a giant Pacific octopus live?

3 – 5 years

In the wild

How much does a giant Pacific octopus weigh?

15 kg


How much does an octopus weight?

Giant Pacific octopus: 15 kg

Enteroctopus megalocyathus: 4 kg

Are octopuses smart?

In particular, the Coleoidea subclass (cuttlefish, squid, and octopuses) is thought to be the most intelligent invertebrates and an important example of advanced cognitive evolution in animals, though nautilus intelligence is also a subject of growing interest among zoologists.

Where does the blue ringed octopus live?

Blue-ringed octopuses, comprising the genus Hapalochlaena, are four highly venomous species of octopus that are found in tide pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian oceans, from Japan to Australia.

How big is a squid?

Giant squid can grow to a tremendous size due to deep-sea gigantism: recent estimates put the maximum size at 13 m (43 ft) for females and 10 m (33 ft) for males from the posterior fins to the tip of the two long tentacles (second only to the colossal squid at an estimated 14 m (46 ft), one of the largest living

Who killed the Kraken?

Davy Jones

How tall is the Kraken?

153 feet

Who killed the Kraken Greek mythology?

On returning to Seriphos and discovering that his mother had to take refuge from the violent advances of Polydectes, Perseus killed him with Medusa’s head, and made his brother Dictys, consort of Danaë, king.

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Where does the common octopus live?

Habitat and demands. The common octopus is typically found in tropical waters throughout the world, such as the Mediterranean Sea and East Atlantic. They prefer the floor of relatively shallow, rocky, coastal waters, often no deeper than 200 meters.

How do squids reproduce?

Squid reproduction. After a male and female mate, the female squid lays eggs. The eggs are laid inside an egg case. Since the squid is usually a part of a shoal, it is laid with many other egg cases from many other squids, and then anchored to the sea floor.

Do octopuses have ink or squid?

Each species of cephalopod produces slightly differently coloured inks; generally, octopuses produce black ink, squid ink is blue-black, and cuttlefish ink is a shade of brown.

How many hearts does a fish have?


Do starfish have bones?

Although starfish are invertebrates, they do have a kind of skeleton. The bodies of starfish are composed of calcium carbonate plates, known as ‘ossicles’. These form the endoskeleton, which takes on a variety of forms such as spines and granules. They have a primitive nervous system, but not a brain.

What is the scientific name for a giant Pacific octopus?

Enteroctopus dofleini

Are octopus apex predators?

Apex predators have a long evolutionary history, dating at least to the Cambrian period when animals such as Anomalocaris dominated the seas. Humans have for many centuries interacted with apex predators including the wolf, birds of prey and cormorants to hunt game animals, birds, and fish respectively.

What is the scientific name of octopus?


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