Which country has the highest HDI ranking in 2018?

A child born today in Norway, the country with the highest HDI, can expect to live beyond 82 years old and spend almost 18 years in school.

Which country has the highest Human Development Index HDI in 2018?

Human Development Index (HDI) Ranking

Rank Country Gross national income (GNI) per capita (PPP $) SDG 8.5
1 Norway 66,494
2 Ireland 68,371
2 Switzerland 69,394
4 Hong Kong, China (SAR) 62,985

Which country has the lowest HDI ranking in 2019?

The least developed country globally with the lowest HDI is Niger, with an HDI of . 377. Niger has widespread malnutrition, and 44.1% of people live below the poverty line.

Which country has 1st rank in HDI?

A value above 0.800 is classified as very high, between 0.700 and 0.799 high, 0.550 to 0.699 as medium and anything below 0.550 as low.

Table of countries by HDI.

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Rank 2019 data (2020 report)​ 1
Country or Territory Norway
HDI 2019 data (2020 report)​ 0.957
Average annual HDI growth (2010-2019)​ 0.20%

Which country ranks first in human development report of 2018?

New Delhi, 14 September 2018 – India climbed one spot to 130 out of 189 countries in the latest human development rankings released today by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

What is the HDI rank of India in 2020?

Among 189 countries, India goes down one rank in Human Development Index to 131. NEW DELHI: Out of 189 countries, India went down one rank to 131 in the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Human Development Index (HDI) in 2020.

Which country is most developed?

Human Development Index (HDI)

Rank Country/territory HDI
2018 data (2019 report) rankings 2018 data (2019 report) rankings
1 Norway 0.954
2 Switzerland 0.946
3 Ireland 0.942

Which country has higher HDI rank than India?

India ranked 131 among 189 countries on the Human Development Index (HDI) for 2019, slipping two places from the previous year, according to the Human Development Report (HDR) 2020 released by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on Wednesday. Norway topped the index, followed by Ireland and Switzerland.

Why is Norway’s HDI so high?

Rich Economy: It is actually known for being the place with the highest living standards, and its rich economy is one of the major reasons. It is fueled by oil and gas exports which not only makes it extremely efficient and stable, but also helps it to be one of the richest countries for many many more years to come.

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Which country has best standard of living?


Europeans countries continue dominating this list as the Netherlands, with high income and amenities, makes the list of countries with the highest standard of living in 2020.

What is the rank of India in the world?

In 2019, the IHDI rank of India is 130.

Hemant Singh.

Index Global Competitiveness Index 2019
India’s Rank 72
Published By World Economic Forum
Top Position Switzerland

What is the rank of India in 2021?

India has been ranked 139 out of 149 countries in the list of UN World Happiness Report 2021, which was released on Friday.

WHO calculates HDI India?

UNDP, the sponsor of Human Development Index methodology since 1990, reported India’s HDI to be 0.554 for 2012, an 18% increase over its 2008 HDI. United Nations declared India’s HDI is 0.586 in 2014, a 5.77% increase over 2012. As for the year 2018, HDI for India stood at 0.647.

What is India’s human development rank in the world according to 2019 report?

India’s HDI value for 2019 is 0.645 which put it in the medium human development category. India has been positioned at 131 out of 189 countries and territories, according to the report.

What is new HDI?

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a summary measure of average achievement in key dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life, being knowledgeable and have a decent standard of living. … The HDI uses the logarithm of income, to reflect the diminishing importance of income with increasing GNI.

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Which countries have the lowest standard of living?

The 17 countries with the worst quality of life in the world

  1. Central African Republic — 30.03. The country with the lowest standard of living for its citizens is the Central African Republic (CAR), according to the SPI.
  2. Afghanistan — 35.89. …
  3. Chad — 36.38. …
  4. Angola — 39.70. …
  5. Niger — 41.63. …
  6. Guinea — 41.66. …
  7. Yemen — 41.76. …
  8. Ethiopia — 43.50. …
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