Quick Answer: Which Country Is The United States Largest Trading Partner?

These are the biggest U.S. trade partners

  • China – $636 billion.
  • Canada – $582.4 billion.
  • Mexico – $557 billion.
  • Japan – $204.2 billion.
  • Germany – $171.2 billion.
  • South Korea – $119.4 billion.
  • United Kingdom – $109.4 billion.
  • France – $82.5 billion.

Who is the US number 1 trading partner?

List of the largest trading partners of the United States

Rank Country/District Trade Balance
1 China -375,576
2 Canada -17,054
3 Mexico -70,953
4 Japan -68,876

29 more rows

Who is China biggest trade partner?

China’s Top Trading Partners

  1. Netherlands: $73.1 billion (2.9%)
  2. United Kingdom: $57 billion (2.3%)
  3. Singapore: $49.8 billion (2%)
  4. Taiwan: $48.7 billion (2%)
  5. Russia: $48 billion (1.9%)
  6. Australia: $47.5 billion (1.9%)
  7. Malaysia: $45.8 billion (1.8%)
  8. Mexico: $44.1 billion (1.8%)

Who is Mexico’s largest trading partner?

Mexico posted the highest trade surpluses with the following countries:

  • United States: US$128.7 billion (country-specific trade surplus in 2018)
  • Canada: $3.3 billion.
  • Colombia: $1.8 billion.
  • Guatemala: $1.4 billion.
  • Peru: $1.2 billion.
  • Panama: $1.1 billion.
  • Venezuela: $931 million.
  • Australia: $909.3 million.

Which country is the largest trading partner of India?

India incurred the highest trade surpluses with the following countries:

  1. Nepal: $6.9 billion.
  2. Netherlands: $5 billion.
  3. Sri Lanka: $3.3 billion.
  4. Turkey: $3.3 billion.
  5. United Kingdom: $2.7 billion.
  6. Spain: $2.4 billion.
  7. United Arab Emirates: $2.2 billion.
  8. Kenya: $2 billion.
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Why is US Canada largest trading partner?

The US and Canada are each other’s largest trading partners – almost US $1.5 billion in merchandise trade crosses the Canada-US border every day. Millions of US jobs depend on Canadian imports from the US. Canada is the leading foreign source of energy supplied to the US.

Who is Russia biggest trading partner?

Major trading partners of Russia are Germany, Italy, China, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, and Finland. Russia provides most of the needs of the CIS countries in oil and oil products, gas, timber, machinery and equipment.

What is imported from Mexico to USA?

In 2015, the U.S. imported $295 billion worth of products from Mexico, according to government trade data. The top category was cars and car parts, most of them owned by American automakers and intended for the U.S. market. The U.S. also relies heavily on Mexico for machinery, oil and agricultural products.

What does Mexico export the most?

U.S. exports of agricultural products to Mexico totaled $18 billion in 2015, our 3th largest agricultural export market. Leading categories include: corn ($2.3 billion), soybeans ($1.4 billion), dairy products ($1.3 billion), pork & pork products ($1.3 billion), and beef & beef products ($1.1 billion).

How does Nafta benefit the US economy?

NAFTA boosted U.S. economic growth by as much as 0.5% a year. The sectors that benefited the most were agriculture, automobiles, and services. U.S. farm exports to Canada and Mexico quadrupled from $11 billion in 1993 to $43 billion in 2016. NAFTA increased farm exports because it eliminated high Mexican tariffs.

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Is China our biggest trading partner?

China is America’s largest trading partner, with annual trade in goods and services worth about $663 billion. Chinese exports to the U.S. totaled nearly $500 billion in 2015 — more than any other destination.

Which country exports the most?

The World’s 20 Largest Exporting Countries

  • China is the World’s Largest Exporter. While China’s explosive economic expansion has been a front-page financial story over the last few decades, China’s economy is not the only one worth noting.
  • Why Doesn’t the United States Export More?
  • Germany.
  • Japan.
  • South Korea.

Which country imports the most?

After the big three, no other country has a number exceeding 5% of global imports, but Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong (China), and the Netherlands all surpass the 3% mark.

Largest Importers.

Rank #1
Country USA
Imports ($B) $2,409 billion
% of Global Imports 13.4%

14 more columns

Who is Canada’s biggest trading partner?

List of the largest trading partners of Canada

Rank Territory Imports
World 547,320
1 United States 210,915
European Union 52,288
2 China 48,593

19 more rows

Does Canada have a trade deficit with USA?

In 2016, the goods and services trade between the two countries totaled $627.8 billion. The United States had a $12.5 billion trade surplus with Canada in 2016. Canada has historically held a trade deficit with the United States in every year since 1985 in net trade of goods, excluding services.

What does Canada do for the United States?

The United States provides no foreign assistance to Canada. The United States and Canada share the world’s largest and most comprehensive trading relationship, which supports millions of jobs in each country.

What America trades with Russia?

The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with Russia was $7.1 billion in 2017. Russia is currently our 28th largest goods trading partner with $27.5 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2018. Goods exports totaled $6.7 billion; goods imports totaled $20.8 billion.

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Does Canada trade with Russia?

In 2012, Canada–Russia merchandise trade totalled $2.7 billion, comprised of $1.7 billion in Canadian exports to, and $1.0 billion in imports from, Russia. The value of Canada’s exports to Russia increased by 10.3% between 2011 and 2012, while the value of Canada’s imports from the country declined by 22.7%.

Does the United States trade with North Korea?

The United States and the Republic of Korea signed the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) on June 30, 2007. U.S. goods and services trade with Korea totaled an estimated $154.8 billion in 2017. Exports were $72.5 billion; imports were $82.3 billion.

How does Nafta affect the US economy?

NAFTA’s Impact on U.S. Workers. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NATFA) was the door through which American workers were shoved into the neoliberal global labor market. NAFTA affected U.S. workers in four principal ways. First, it caused the loss of some 700,000 jobs as production moved to Mexico.

Who does Nafta benefit the most?

Vermont is a state that benefits the most from NAFTA. The AFBF study shows that in 2016 80% of Vermont’s agriculture exports went to Canada or Mexico. The five states that get the most benefit from NAFTA relationships are Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware and Missouri.

How many jobs were lost to Nafta?

Supporters of NAFTA estimate that some 14 million jobs rely on trade with Canada and Mexico combined, and the nearly 200,000 export-related jobs created annually by NAFTA pay an average salary of 15% to 20% more than the jobs that were lost, according to a PIIE study.

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