Which hiking trail is the longest in Hong Kong?

Maclehose Trail
Length 98 kilometres (61 miles)
Location Hong-Kong
Use Hiking

What is the longest only hiking trail in the world?

The Great Trail, formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail, runs for a rather daunting 14,912 miles (or 24,000km) and is currently the longest hiking trail in the world. There are also some stunning options elsewhere, travelling through Italy, Japan and even along the coast of England.

How long is the maclehose trail?

The crown jewel of Hong Kong’s amazing network of hiking trails, the 100-kilometre-long MacLehose Trail — named after Hong Kong’s longest-serving colonial governor — is a true test of stamina and one of the best ways to enjoy the stunning scenery of the New Territories.

How many hikes are in Hong Kong?

Ready for some activity? There are 271 moderate trails in Hong Kong ranging from 1 to 26.1 miles and from 0 to 3,067 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you’ll be out on the trail in no time!

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How long is the Hong Kong Trail?

31,07 мили

What is the most dangerous hike in America?

Mount Ranier, in the State of Washington, tops the list for many reasons. Over 400 deaths have been recorded, making it the deadliest hike in America. Mount Rainer is complete with its unpredictable volcano, extreme weather which quickly changes, falling rocks, and avalanches.

How many have died on Appalachian Trail?

The first known murder on the Appalachian Trail took place in 1974. To date, there have been 13 total murders recorded.

How do I get to MacLehose trail?

To get to the trailhead, take the metro/subway (or MTR as it’s called in Hong Kong) to Diamond Hill Station. If you start hiking on a Sunday or public holiday (like we did) you can simply exit the MTR and take bus 96R from the bus station, located directly outside the MTR entrance/exit, to the Pak Tam Chung trailhead.

How long is the Lantau Trail?

The Lantau Trail (Chinese: 鳳凰徑), opened on 4 December 1984, is a long-distance footpath on Lantau Island in the New Territories of Hong Kong. The 70 kilometres (43 mi) trail is a loop starting and finishing in Mui Wo.

How do I get to the Hong Kong Trail?

  1. How to Get to the Trail Head. Walk up Old Peak Road. NWFB bus number 15 from Central Exchange Square. …
  2. Trail Features. Great Photos overlooking Hong Kong. Pleasant Waterfalls. …
  3. Trail End Options. Continue onto Hong Kong Trail Stage 2. Head back up to The Peak on Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road.
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Is Hong Kong a good place for hiking?

The Lion Rock hike in Hong Kong is one of the most popular trails in the region with an epic viewpoint over Kowloon all the way to Hong Kong Central. The lion-head shaped rock at the summit is the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the city from the forest.

Where can I hike in Hong Kong?

  • Dragon’s Back Hike, Hong Kong Island. Dragon’s Back Hike, Hong Kong Island | Photo Copyright: Lana Law. …
  • The Peak Trail, Hong Kong Island. …
  • Monkey Trail Hike (Shing Mun Reservoir Hike) …
  • Tai Long Wan (Maclehose Trail, stage 2) …
  • Ping Shan Heritage Trail. …
  • Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Wan Hike. …
  • Hike to Tung O Beach. …
  • Lantau Peak Hike.

How do I get to the Pineapple Dam Trail?

How to get there

  1. Take the MTR to Tsuen Wan Station (Exit B1).
  2. Cross the footbridge and walk for five minutes to 33 Shiu Wo Street.
  3. Catch minibus 82 for Shing Mun Reservoir and get off at the last stop.

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