Who has the largest shoe size in the NBA?

Shaquille O’Neal was one of the heaviest players to ever play in the NBA and is listed as wearing a size 22. The magnitude of O’Neal’s feet wasn’t discovered until Reebok launched its first signature shoe the Shaq Attaq while he was playing for the Orlando Magic.

Who has the largest shoe size?

The man who holds the record for the largest shoe size ever was Robert Wadlow, who wore a US size 37AA shoe. Both of his feet measured 18.5 inches. Wadlow also held the record for tallest man in the world, which he still holds today. Wadlow was 8 feet 11 inches tall at the time of his death at age 22.

Who wears a size 22 shoe?

Tacko Fall has big shoes to fill–literally. Fall wears size 22 shoes and is set to become only the fifth NBA player to ever sport such large sneakers, per the Action Network’s Darren Rovell. He will join Shaq, Will Perdue, Bob Lanier and Dikembe Mutombo as the latest addition to the rare NBA group.

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Who has the smallest shoe size in the NBA?

And since you were wondering, the smallest feet in NBA history belong to 5’5″ Earl Boykins and his size 9.5s.

What was Michael Jordan shoe size?


What is Zion Williamson shoe size?

Zion Williamson is no exception. According to BallerShoesDB, Williamson hits the floor wearing a size 15 sneaker. That number is similar to his overall height; while it’s pretty large by civilian standards, it massive in the world of professional basketball.

What is Shaquille O Neal’s shoe size?


What is LeBron James foot size?


What shoe size is 22 inches?

Inch to Size Chart

Heel to toe Length (in inches) Size (USA) Wide Width (2E)
14 5/16 size 21 5 3/4
14 11/16 size 22 5 7/8
15 size 23 6
15 5/16 size 24 6 1/8

What size is 22 in shoes?

– Download a foot size chart (EU sizes) by clicking here

Eu UK lengTH
21 4 1/2 13 cm / 5.1″
22 5 13.6 cm / 5.4″
23 6 14.3 cm / 5.6″
24 7 15 cm / 5.9″

Who has the biggest feet in the NBA 2020?

Here, we round up some of the biggest shoe sizes in the game.

  • Andre Iguodala Feet – Size 17 Shoes.
  • Dwight Howard Feet – Size 18 Shoes.
  • DeAndre Jordan Feet – Size 18 Shoes.
  • Kevin Durant Feet – Size 18 Shoes.

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What shoe size is Steph Curry?


Who has the smallest feet in the world?

19-year-old Jyoti Amge, who stands at 62.8 cm (24.7 in) and took the title of world’s Smallest Woman in 2011, is dwarfed in the photo by the feet of 31-year-old Brahim Takioullah.

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How much did Jordans cost in 1985?

The Air Ships were. The first Air Jordan shoes hit retail in March 1985 for $65 a pair. By May, the company had sold $70 million worth.

Does Michael Jordan wear Jordans?

Michael Jordan won his first NBA Championship wearing the Nike Air Jordan 6.

Why did Jordan wear mismatched shoes?

Jordan was forced to wear a different number that night after someone stole his jersey while the Bulls were on the road against the Orlando Magic.

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