What Is The Biggest Fish Caught In Colorado?

With more than 35 species of fish to catch in Colorado, there are plenty of bragging rights to be had for anglers whose catch is the biggest.

Fish Tales: Record-Size Catches in Colorado

  • Rainbow Trout. Lee Cox holds Colorado’s record for heaviest rainbow trout.
  • Brook Trout.
  • Brown Trout.
  • Cutthroat Native Trout.

What type of fish can you catch in Colorado?

ice Fish Colorado, Species of fish found in Colorado. Sport Fish Colorado primarily focuses on fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout, cutbows, snake river cutthroat, green back cutthroat, brook trout, lake trout, splake, norther pike, and perch in the bodies of water that we target.

Where can I catch big trout in Colorado?

Check out the list to see the 12 best Colorado trout fishing destinations.

  1. The Animas River.
  2. Gore Creek.
  3. North Platte River.
  4. The Frying Pan River.
  5. Roaring Fork.
  6. The South Platte River.
  7. North Delaney Lake.
  8. The Gunnison River.

What’s the largest trout ever caught?

It’s the largest brown trout ever caught from the White River and only a few pounds shy of the world record brown trout: a 42-pound, 1-ounce brown caught off New Zealand in 2013.

Are there catfish in Colorado?

There are 23 boat ramps along the 150 mile river corridor. Location: Along the Arkansas River, Leadville to Pueblo, CO. Fish Population: Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has stocked the lake with channel catfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, walleye, bluegill, wiper and tiger muskie.

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What kind of fish are in Colorado River?

The thin light of morning nurtures optimists as they head out to fish the mighty Colorado River. Many anglers have a “big one” fixed firmly in mind. A largemouth bass, maybe, or a rainbow trout. Channel catfish, black crappie, walleye and striped bass are all popular catches.

Does Colorado have salmon?

Colorado offers limited salmon fishing. They cannot spawn in Colorado, so populations of salmon are replenished by stocking. Two types of Pacific salmon are stocked in lakes and streams. They are the kokanee and the chinook salmon.

What state has the best trout fishing?

Top 10 States for Trout Fishing Trips

  • Arkansas. Some of the USA’s best trout fishing waters flow along the White River.
  • North Carolina. With over 10 pristine spots to wet a line, North Carolina boasts thousands of miles of trout waters.
  • Colorado. Colorado is known for its excellent fly fishing waters.
  • Idaho.
  • Montana.
  • Wyoming.
  • Utah.
  • Connecticut.

Are there tiger trout in Colorado?

Tiger Trout in Colorado. Tiger trout are sterile hybrids of male brook trout and female brown trout. While they rarely occur naturally in nature, they are stocked as a control measure for stunted brook trout and rough fish, such as suckers, in Colorado by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Where is the best trout fishing in the United States?

America’s Top Ten Trout Streams

  1. Gallatin River (Yellowstone National Park and Montana)
  2. Missouri River (Montana)
  3. Madison River (Yellowstone National Park and Montana)
  4. Green River (Wyoming and Utah)
  5. White River-Bull Shoals Tailwater (Arkansas)
  6. Manistee River (Michigan)
  7. Connecticut River, (New Hampshire and Vermont)

What is the largest lake trout ever caught?

Lake trout are the largest of the chars; the record weighed almost 46.3 kilograms (102 lb) (netted) with a length of 50 inches (130 cm), and 15– to 40-pound fish are not uncommon.

What is the world record largemouth bass?

The current world record for the biggest largemouth bass was set by Manabu Kurita with a 22-pound, 5-ounce, 29-inch monster caught on Lake Biwa in Japan. The previous record had been standing since 1932 when George Perry caught a 22-pound, 4-ounce largemouth from Montgomery Lake in Georgia.

Where was the world record trout caught?

The current IGFA all tackle world record for Lake Trout is 72 pounds. That fish was caught in August of 1995 by angler Lloyd Bull. Coincidentally, that world record Lake Trout was also caught in Great Bear Lake, the same place the fish at the center of this story was caught.

Are there crappie in Colorado?

Crappie are actually a member of the sunfish family and can be found in many Colorado lakes. Crappie are known by many different local names. Paper mouth, goggleye, bridge perch, slabs and speckled perch, are just a few.

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Where can you fish for pike in Colorado?

When fishing for these fish in Colorado, you are likely to find them in some of the larger lakes – including Adobe Creek Reservoir, Blue Mesa Reservoir, Crawford Reservoir, Eleven Mile Reservoir, Grand Lake, Green Mountain Reservoir, Horsetooth Lake, John Martin Reservoir, Lake Granby, McPhee Reservoir, Navajo

Are catfish native to Colorado?

Catfish Fishing Waters In Colorado. Many major lakes in Colorado have a population of catfish. Hertha Reservoir served up the Colorado state record channel catfish, John Martin Stilling Basin was home to the state record flathead catfish, and the Colorado state record blue catfish came from Pueblo Reservoir.

Are salmon native to Colorado?

Kokanee Salmon: This fish is found in West Coast lakes, however it is not native to Colorado. The salmon is found in many reservoirs thanks to restocking efforts, and is usually bluish-green with silver sides.

What fish are native to the Colorado River?

The Upper Colorado River Basin is home to 14 native fish species, including the endangered humpback chub, bonytail, Colorado pikeminnow, and razorback sucker. These endangered fish are found only in the Colorado River system.

What kind of trout are in Colorado?

Rainbow trout may be caught with a variety of flies, baits, and lures. Several subspecies of cutthroat trout are found in Colorado, of which three are native – the gree​​​nback, the Rio Grande and the Colorado.

Where can I fish for salmon in Colorado?

For the most convenient spots to fish for Kokanee you can head to Lake Granby, Williams Fork Reservoir, Wolford Mountain Reservoir and Green Mountain Reservoir. However, the best spot in Colorado for kokanee fishing is the Blue Mesa Reservoir.

What is the Colorado state fish?

Greenback cutthroat trout

Are there bull trout in Colorado?

Bull trout, Dolly Varden and lake trout are species of char native to the northwest. Bull trout, like other char, exhibit differences in body characteristics and life history behavior across their range. They can grow to more than 20 pounds in lake environments.

Where is the best trout fishing in the world?

Best Places in the World for a Fly Fishing Vacation

  • Fly-fishing is something that brings to mind a beautiful stream with plenty of trees and amazing fishing.
  • Argentina – Patagonia River Ranch.
  • Alaska – No-See-Um Lodge.
  • Mongolia – Sweetwater’s Mongolia Taimen Camps.
  • New Zealand – Poronui Lodge.
  • Iceland – Midfjardara Lodge.
  • Montana – Madison Valley Ranch.
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Where is the best fishing in the world?

Bait a hook: top 10 fishing spots around the world

  1. Catfish, southern USA.
  2. Taimen, Eg-Uur River Basin, Mongolia.
  3. Piranha, Amazon Basin, Brazil.
  4. Shrimp, Oostduinkerke, Belgium.
  5. Goliath tigerfish, Congo River Basin.
  6. Ice fishing, Brainerd, USA.
  7. Squid, Halong Bay, Vietnam.
  8. Brown trout, Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego.

What are some famous streams?

Known not only for good numbers of healthy trout, these streams all have the ability to produce trophy-sized trout as well.

  • Colorado River. Facebook/Taylor Creek Fly Shop.
  • San Juan River. Facebook/Fisheads San Juan River Lodge.
  • Yellowstone River.
  • Bighorn River.
  • South Platte River.
  • North Platte River.
  • Madison River.
  • Green River.

What is the world record catfish caught?

Nearly nine feet long (2.7 meters) and as big as a grizzly bear, the behemoth tipped the scales at 646 pounds (293 kilograms). Experts say the fish, which belongs to the species known as the Mekong giant catfish, may be the largest freshwater fish ever recorded.

What do big lake trout eat?

Young lake trout eat plankton, insects and small invertebrates, while adults eat smaller fish. Lake trout are a top predator in the Great Lakes.

How fast do lake trout grow?

Size: The average size lake trout will weigh between 2 and 10-pounds. Fish up to 30-pounds are not uncommon and trophies over 40-pounds are caught every year by anglers fishing in far northern waters. Life Span: Lake trout commonly live for 10 to 20-years although some have been known to live for up to 60-years.

What kind of fish are in Twin Lakes Colorado?

They stocked rainbow trout and there are other Native species in the lake that include brook, brown, cutthroat and a few kokanee salmon. Last but not least is the 102 miles of the Arkansas River which starts in Leadville and run along the 14ers and is considered some of the best trout fishing in the state.

Where can I find Kokanee salmon?

Kokanee are land-locked sockeye salmon and are found in many lakes and reservoirs across Idaho. Their native range spans from the Columbia River basin to Alaska and includes Idaho. They are also one of the state’s most colorful game fish.

What is the best bait for Kokanee salmon?

Popular Kokanee baits are Pink Maggots (real or synthetic), dyed-cured shrimp and dyed-cured White Shoepeg Corn. Be sure not to put too much bait on the hook as it will take away from the lure’s action. Once piece of corn or 2 small maggots on each hook is adequate. Anytime I’m Kokanee fishing I’m adding scent!

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